[Web Studio] Getting 2065 error message when uploading (wnkdata)

Getting 2065 error message when uploading (wnkdata)

If you receive a 2065 error message, some of the data in the publisher may have been corrupted.  In order to fix this, you will need to remove this information, and perform a site recovery.  Please perform the following steps to resolve this error:

1. Close out of WebStudio, and the Instant Publisher (Important!)
2. Right-click your Start Button, select Explore

3. From the menu bar, select Tools -> Folder Options
4. Select the View tab
5. Enable Show hidden files and folders

6. Press Ok
7. Navigate to the following folder path:

C:\Documents and Settings\[Current User]\Application Data\iHostStudio\wnkdata

Note: Windows 98 & ME users need to go to C:\Windows\Application Data\

4. Delete the subfolder that contains the name of the website in question

Note: This will NOT harm your website data.

5. Perform a site recovery by clicking on the following link:

Site not listed in the Instant Publisher (Site Recovery)

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