[Web Easy] Site Not Listed in the Instant Publisher (Site Recovery)

Web Easy Account Recovery (Site Recovery)

I you had to reinstall the Web Easy program, or signed up online, you will need to perform an "account recovery" so you can upload to your website.  This will go through the motions of opening a new account without actually doing so.  To do this, please go through the following steps:

1. Open the iEasySite Instant Publisher

For Web Easy 4-7, our publisher can be found in the Web Easy program by going to Tools > Publish Assistant, and press the Preferred Web Hosting Service option on the yellow cue card.  If you do not see the cue card, you can go to Tools > Options, and checkmark "show cue cards". to enable them.

For Web Easy 8-10
, you will need to download and install our publisher from our website at:

2. Select "Publish a new website", press Next

3. Select "Publish a site created with Web Easy software", press Next
4. Checkmark your website package, press Next
5. Select the hosting package you signed up for, press Next

Note: If you choose the wrong package, you will either upgrade or downgrade the plan level for your hosting account.  If you have questions, please contact our billing department.

6. Type and re-type your same password, press Next
7. Select "Use a domain I already own", press Next
8. Type in the name of your website (e.g. joespizza.com), press Next

You should get the following message: "Web site name ... is active.  Would you like to recreate this web site?  Click 'Yes' to re-open this web site or 'No' to create another web site."

Note: Do NOT proceed if you see another message.  In this case, please verify you entered the correct password and website name.  If this is still a problem, please contact our support department.

9. Press Yes
10. Press Next
11. Select "Using Current Payment", press Next
12. Press Finish
13. Select I Agree on the License Agreement
14. Press Finish (important)

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