[Web Easy] Updating Your Website in Web Easy

Using the iEasySite Instant Publisher in Web Easy, making changes to your website is very easy to do.  Simply follow the step-by-step instructions listed below, in order to get your website changes uploaded.

1. Open your website document in Web Easy
2. Make the physical changes to website
3. Save your website by going to File -> Save
4. Build your website by going to Build -> WebSite (HTML)
5. Verify that All pages and Publish on Internet are check marked, press OK

Note: For the Package Name, please make sure it does NOT contain spaces, periods, or other symbols.  Only alphanumeric characters, plus the underscore "_" and hyphen "-" are valid characters.

This will build (export) your website, and launch the publishing cue card when finished.

6. On the yellow cue card, select the Preferred Hosting service (recommended)

Note: If you do not see this cue card, then you may need to enable it by going to Tools -> Options, then check mark Show Cue Cards. Then go to Tools -> Publish Assistant.

7. Select Update an existing web site, press Next

8. Enter your administrative password (if it's not already entered), press Next
9. Check mark your package, press Next

Note: If you are uploading a single album file, make sure only 1 package is check marked.

10. Select Upload only changes to your web site, press Next
11. Press the View Site Now button when it becomes active



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