[WebStudio] Search Engine Submission

In order for your website to appear on search engines, you will need to submit your site to the search engines.  This will allow your website to show up when people type in specific keywords.  Failure to do so may result in very little traffic coming into your website.

Before you submit your website, you will need to add Meta information to your WebStudio software.  Once that is complete, and you have uploaded the changes, and then submit your site to the search engines.

Meta Tags

Meta tags are pieces of information that are placed inside the HTML of your web page that contain a description of its contents.  This information is used by search engines to list and rank your site.  Meta Tags are usually composed of 3 elements: Meta Title, Meta Keywords, and Meta Description.

Meta Title: This is the title that users will see at the top of the browser window.  Title tags help search engines determine your web page's relevancy for certain keyword phrases.

Example:  SuperE-Store.com: Online shopping for consumer electronics, and more...

Recommendation:  Keep the Meta Title simple and short; this is the “gist” of your site.

 Meta Keywords: These are phrases that search engines use to rank your website.  They can be words or synonyms associated with your website separated by commas.

Example: Movies, Videos, Comedy, Action, Adventure, Family, SciFi, Science Fiction, Horror, etc..

Recommendation: The keywords need to be relevant to the current page.  There are no limit to the number of keywords you can have, but certain search engines may penalize for excessive keywords.  You can also use misspellings of common words to increase your hits.

Meta Description: A short, plain language description of the document, usually 20-25 words or less.  Search engines will usually place this below the title of your website in the search results.

Example: Selling the latest in DVD’s, CD’s, Video Games, Software, Cell Phones, Books, and other HOT products!

Recommendation: Make the Meta Description as compelling as possible


Adding Meta Tags in WebStudio Version 5

1. Open your website in WebStudio
2. Click "HTML" on the top tabs
3. You can update the "Site-Wide" tags, or "Page" meta tags.  If you choose "Site-Wide" these will be the default for all pages.  If you choose "Page" this will overwrite the defaults.

Adding Meta Tags in WebStudio Version 4

1. Open your website in WebStudio
2. From the menu bar, go to Page -> Page Properties
3. Press the Page Meta Tags tab
4. Enter your meta tag information, press OK 

Submitting Your Site to Search Engines

Once you have filled out the meta tag information, you will need to submit your website (http://www.domain.com) to various search engines.  For a list of free search engine submission sites, please visit the following links:

Google: http://www.google.com/addurl/
Yahoo! & Altavista: http://search.yahoo.com/info/submit.html
AOL & MSN: http://dmoz.org/add.html

Note: You can submit your websites to additional search engines, but these 3 links should cover 90% of the search engine market.

For additional information on submitting your website to search engines, and general search engine questions, please visit http://www.searchenginewatch.com.

Once you have submitted your website to the search engines, it may take 1 to 3 weeks for it to show up, depending on the search engine.  

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