How to create a sitemap

Creating a Sitemap

Some search engines will require you to submit a sitemap for them to index your site.  The sitemap will contain an index of all your pages so the search engines can crawl your entire site.  To create a sitemap, please go through the following steps:

Generating the Sitemap
1. Go to
2. Enter your website address under Starting URL
3. Press Start
4. After if finishes, click the un-compressed XML Sitemap, and save it to your Desktop

Uploading the Sitemap

1. Right-click the sitemap file on your desktop, press Copy
2. On your computer, press Start -> Run

Note: Vista users just need to press their Start button and enter Step 3 in their "Start Search" bar, which is right above their Start button.

3. Type in "explorer.exe" (without the quotes)

Note: For, enter the name and extension of your website

4. Press OK or [Enter]
5. When prompted, enter your username and password, as shown below

6. Press Log On
7. Double-click the httpdocs folder

Note: If you don't see this folder, double-click the wwwroot folder

8. From the menu bar, select Edit -> Paste (or press CTRL+V)

This will upload your sitemap. 

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