[Web Easy] Upload not working - index definition conflict

Sometimes when building the site, especially with a new package file, the index definition will be changed and your changed that are uploaded will not be displayed.  This is typically caused by the previous upload index page was index.htm, and the new site is index.html.  Since index.htm has preference over index.html, the old site will always show up.

To fix this in Web Easy please do the following:

1.  Open your website in Web Easy
2.  From the menu bar, select Build -> Website (HTML)
3.  Once the build dialogue box is open, under "Home Page Definition" select "index.html"
4.  Checkmark "Publish on Internet" and press OK
5.  When prompted, upload your website as you normally do

You can check if there are two pages called "index" in your account by using FTP to look in your web site folder with us.  Once you log into FTP look to see if there are more than one "index" file, if there are you can remove the one that is older (or remove both and re-upload your web site).
FTP Using Windows Explorer

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