Wholesale Mode - Restricting access to your e-Store by requiring login

The wholesale feature is a useful tool for any merchant who would like to restrict who can see products or product properties when they are not logged into the store.  There is a great deal of flexibility for the merchant to determine what to display to customers, or the merchant cannot allow access into the store until the visitor is logged in.  In the wholesale section, there is a feature to restrict signups to email addresses on a specific domain name (we call this the "employee store" mode).

General Options
The general options area is where you will turn on/off wholesale mode and determine the main features you would like to control.

Turn On Wholesale Mode? - When checked, unauthenticated visitors to your site will be restricted to the configuration you set in the options below.  Any users in your user list will have access to your site once they log in.

Allow Signup - If "Allow Signup" is checked, you will allow visitors to your site to sign up for access to your site themselves.  You can choose to either moderate signups (approve new users), or allow them to sign up without moderation.  If "Allow Signups" is not selected, you will be required to manually add all new users.

Moderate signups - If selected, you will need to moderate all signups before the user will have access to the account.  This is useful when you would like to verify the user is a legitimate customer before allowing access to product information.

Do not moderate - If "Do not moderate" is selected, then new users will be able to sign up without your moderation.  They will receive an email that requires them to click on a link to gain access to the store.

Restrict Signup By Domain - We call this the "employee store" option.  If selected, you can restrict signups to domain name(s) you choose.  For example, if you want to grant signup ability to employees of your company, and your domain name is mycompany.com then if someone with the email address from aol.com they will not be allowed to sign up.  

Anonymous Users Can View
The "anonymous users can view" section will allow you, as the merchant, to determine what product information visitors who are not logged in can see (if anything).

Products - If checked, anonymous visitors can see products on your site (based on the options below) but not be able to purchase items on the store.  Only logged in customers will be able to add products to the cart.  If unchecked, anonymous visitors to your site will be directed to the page you create below under "Custom Content On Sign-in Page".

Products Long Descriptions - If selected, anonymous visitors will be allowed to see the long description for products.

Price - If selected, anonymous visitors will be allowed to see the price for products.

Product Properties - If selected, anonymous visitors will be allowed to see the Product Properties for products.

Product Choices - If selected, anonymous visitors will be allowed to see the Product Choices for products.

Anonymous User Ordering Instructions (If Show Products is Enabled Above)
Ordering instructions is only used if you allow anonymous users to view products.  This information will show up instead of the "checkout" button.

None - If selected, there will be no ordering instructions with the products.

Sign Up Link - If selected, this will take the customer to the signup page.  You can enter your own text for the link.

Custom - If selected, the content you enter in the HTML box will be displayed with the products.

Custom Content On Sign-in Page
When you do not allow anonymous visitors to your site to view product information, anonymous visitors will be directed to a special page.  You control the content of the page with the information in this section.

Sign-In/Sign-Up Widget - This selection determines if there will be a signing option on the Custom Content page.  Selecting "Top" or "Bottom" determines where the login fields will show in relation to the HTML box.

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