How to install CoffeeCup Form Builder with file uploads

How to install CoffeeCup Form Builder with file uploads

CoffeeCup makes a great drag-and-drop form builder program called "Coffeecup Form Builder".  It has the ability to accept file uploads as well as implementing CAPTCHA for spam protection.  It is a retail application that can be purchased at  Below are the instructions on how to install CoffeeCup Form Builder and configure it to use file uploads.

Step 1: Connect to the Server and create a sub-folder

1. On your computer, press Start -> Run

Note: For Windows Vista and 7 users, press the Windows button and perform Step 2 in Search bar.

2. Type in "explorer.exe" (without the quotes)

Note: For, enter the name and extension of your website.

3. Press OK or [Enter]
4. When prompted, enter your username and password
5. Press Log On
6. Double-click the httpdocs folder

Note: If you don't see this folder, double-click the wwwroot folder.

7. Right-Click in the folder, select New -> Folder
8. Give it a folder name of "form" (without the quotes)

Step 2: Configure your CoffeeCup Form Builder settings

1. Open your form in CoffeeCup Form Builder
2. Go to Edit -> Form Settings
3. Press the Form Settings tab
4. Select "E-mail me the results"
5. Enter your email address under "To:"
6. Checkmark "Email form results to these addresses:"
7. Press the Advanced tab
8. Under Form Processing, select "Use PHP script"
9. Press the File Uploads tab
10. Checkmark "Save to your Server"
11. Press OK
12. Go to File -> Save..
13. Under file name, type in "form.xml" (without the quotes)
14. Press Save

Step 3: Upload your form using CoffeeCup Form Builder

1. Open your form in Coffeecup Form Builder
2. Go to Tools -> Upload
3. In the lower-left corner, press the Add button
4. Enter a profile name, press Next
5. Enter your username and password (checkmark only save password), press Next
6. For Host Name, enter your site address (see original welcome email)
7. For Default Folder, enter "httpdocs/form" (without the quotes), Press Next
8. When prompted about using SOCKS, press Next
9. Press Finish
10. Press Connect
11. Press Upload Files Here

Step 4: Assign permissions on the "form" folder

1. Go to
2. Login with your domain name and password
3. Press the Open Website Control Panel icon under Services (This opens a pop-up window)
4. Press the Web Directories icon
5. To the right of the "form" folder, press the lock (permission) icon
6. On the left, select "Plesk IIS User (IUSR_username)", on the right, checkmark Read and Write under Allow
7. Press OK

Step 5: Test the form

1. Go to

Note: For, enter the name and extension of your website.

2. Perform a test email with attachment
3. To verify your received the attachment, please Go to Step 1 and perform instructions 1-6
4. Double-click the "Form" folder
5. Double-click the "Files" folder
6. Verify the uploaded file is in this folder

To download the file, just drag it to your desktop.

Step 6: Linking to the form in your document

Your CoffeeCup form should be located at

Note: make sure your substitute "" with the name and extension of your website.  Please update your links if they are not pulling up the page.

If the links on your website do not bring up your form page, you will need to relink it.  Please use the above address.  Once that's done, reupload the changes to your website.

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