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Receiving Payments from Your E-Store

Processing customer payments over the internet is an essential part of your e-store. We have integrated support for many of the leading payment processors.

Your customers will be able to choose from a variety of payment options. These options include credit cards, Paypal, purchase order, telephone, fax, email and check by mail. Within your control panel, you can quickly set up your own payment settings and start collecting right away.

Accepting Credit Cards

In general, there are two components required for you to receive payments from your customers in real-time over the internet:

1.) Merchant Account

A financial institution or bank account that is used by a merchant specifically for the purpose of collecting proceeds consumer bank account or credit card payment transactions. Your existing bank may be able to set you up with a merchant account, in which case, all you'll need is a payment gateway. If your bank can set you up with a merchant account, they will know how to work with

2.) Payment Gateway

This service acts as the online facilitator of the transaction. It makes sure the funds are available, authorizes the charges and informs the credit card companies of the transactions. We have integrated our e-stores with the leading gateway,

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