Using Paypal Payment Processing

iHost Networks has partnered with PayPal to bring you affordable, easy to implement payment processing solutions.

With more than 96.2 million accounts in 55 countries and regions, PayPal offers a fast, affordable and convenient online payment service for businesses of all sizes.

Using PayPal, you can accept credit cards, debit cards, and bank account payments for low transaction fees. PayPal has access to a growing user base with millions of active online shoppers. In general, if you don't already have a merchant account, then PayPal is the way to go.

Network of buyers - One in three online buyers in the U.S. has a PayPal account, and over 58,000 users worldwide sign up for PayPal each day.

Website Payments Standard Overview:

  • Quick setup - Sign up and get started in minutes. No extra software or hardware needed
  • Low cost - No start-up fees, no cancellation fees, and no minimum payments. Lower transaction fees than other merchant accounts
  • Security - As an industry leader in fraud prevention and risk management, PayPal has 60%-70% lower fraud loss rates than other merchant accounts.

Website Payments Standard Overview:

  • Customers stay on your site - With our pre-integrated e-store, you control the customer experience from start to finish
  • Customers check out fast - Customers pay in as little as three clicks. They come back to your site for upsell, cross-sell, and marketing opportunities
  • You get more sales - Website Payments Pro helps you get incremental sales from our growing base of over 100 million accounts in 103 countries and regions, and 16 currencies
  • Low cost - No set-up fees, no cancellation fees, only $30 monthly. Lower transaction fees than other merchant accounts
How PayPal Websites Payments Pro Works

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