[Web Easy] How to add a favorite icon (favicon)

How to add a favorite icon (favicon).

By creating a favorite icon, or favicon, you can put an image next to your website name in address bar of your browser.  This is a neat way of customizing your website.  For information on how to do this, please watch the video or follow the outlined steps below.



Outlined Steps:
1. Go to http://www.favicon.cc
2. To upload an image, press Import Image  to the left
3. Press the Browse button
4. Select an image on your computer, press Open
5. Press Upload
6. Press Download Favicon at the bottom
7. Press Save
8. Once it downloads, move the favicon.ico file to a safe folder on your computer (for example, the \Documents\Web Easy\Documents\ folder)
9. Open your website document in Web Easy
10. Go to View -> Inspector to turn on the Inspector Window
11. In the Inspector window, press the Page icon in the upper-right corner
12. Select Document
13. Under the Page Settings row, double-click the value next to "Favorite Icon" (Refer to Step 8)
14. Browse to your favicon.ico file, press Open

To see the file, just Save, Build and Upload your website.  Once it's uploaded, you will see the image next to the URL in the address bar.

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