Upgrading from Web Easy 8.0 to 8.05/8.06

Upgrading from WebEasy 8.0 to 8.05. If you installed WebEasy 8, then the iEasySite Instant Publisher (Configuration Version 8.2), and then upgraded to WebEasy 8.05 via Avanquest's Live Update service, the Preferred Publisher will be reset to WebEasySite. Attempting to reselect iEasySite under Tools > Options > Programs "Website Publishing Program"  will not resolve the problem. To correct it, you will need to reinstall the iEasySite Instant Publisher, found at http://www.ieasysite.com/Downloads/iEasySitePublisher.exe .


Upgrading from WebEasy 8.05 to 8.06. This appears to be an update for Windows 7 users of WebEasy 8. After running this update, if iEasySite was already installed, it should continue to work. If not,  re-installing the iEasySite Instant Publisher should resolve any issues.

Note: If you have difficulties getting the iEasySite Instant Publisher to appear even after reinstalling it, try to first uninstall it from Add/Remove Programs, and then reinstall it.

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