[Web Easy] How to create a photo gallery

How to create a photo gallery

This article will guide you through setting up a photo album for your Web Easy website.  It will use a free program called jAlbum.  You can watch the video below for instructions or view the outlined steps at the bottom.

Outlined Steps:
1. Go to http://jalbum.net
2. Press the Download JAlbum button on the left
3. Press the Download JAlbum button on the right (you do not need to setup an account)
4. Select a program version to download
5. When prompted Save the file
6. When the program has downloaded, Run the installation file
7. Continue through the setup process until the application has been installed
8. Double-click the jAlbum icon on your desktop
9. Press the Add Photos button
10. Navigate to the folder that has your photos
11. Select your photos by holding down the Control key on your keyboard (ore press CTRL+A to highlight all of them)

Note: Make sure your photos do not contain spaces in the file name.  If they do, right-click on them and select Rename.

12. Press Open
13. Configure your photo gallery by selecting a skin, color scheme, adjusting the settings, etc.
14. Press the Make Album button
15. Press Upload
16. Select "Use an existing account on other server"
17. Enter your Server name, Username, and password

Note: Please refer to your welcome email or contact our support if you forgot.

18. Press Connect
19. Select the httpdocs folder
20. Press Create New Folder (New Album Directory) button at the top
21. Enter a name for the new subfolder (e.g. Gallery1)

Note: Do not put spaces in the sub-folder name.

22. Select the sub-folder you just created
23. Press Upload

This should upload your photo gallery to the server.  Next we need to place a link on your website to this photo gallery.

24. Open your website document in Web Easy
25. Navigate to the page you want to place a link to your photo gallery
26. Right-click on a textbox or image, select Link
27. From the Link Type drop-down menu, select Internet Web Page
28. Under Web Page URL address, type in full http address to the photo gallery folder you created earlier (e.g. http://www.mysite.com/Gallery1/)

Note: You can checkmark "Open in new window" if you don't want your visitor to leave your website.

29. Press OK
30. Save, Build, and Upload your website


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