[Web Easy] How to create a cascading drop-down menu

How to create a cascading drop-down menu

The following article will show you how to create a cascading drop down menu, which is a menu that expands when you hover your mouse over it, in Web Easy.  You can watch the video below or view outlined steps at the bottom of the article.

Outlined Steps:

Note: In order to create a cascading drop-down menu, you cannot have any shadowing effect on the textbox.  It if does, you will need to remove it (Modify -> Shadow).

1. Open your Website in Web Easy
2. Go to Arrange -> Lock -> Unlock All
3. Select a textbox
4. Right-click, select Link
5. From the Link Type menu, select Popup Menu
6. Press the Menu Items on the right
7. Double-click the values in the Item Name column to create the choices in your drop-down menu
8. Double-click the corresponding Link values to set the link
9. Select Page By Title
10. Press Web Document on the right
11. Select the page you want to link to
12. Press Ok
13. Press OK
14. Repeat Steps 8-13 for the remaining menu items
15. Press OK
16. Press Main URL on the right
17. From the Link Type menu, select either "None" or "Page by Title" depending if you have a page created for this root menu.  If you select Page by Title, continue and link to that page.
18. Press OK
19. Press Popup Style on the right
20. Configure your popup menu appearance
21. Press OK
22. Press OK

You will need to repeat this process on each page you want the menu to show up.  To save time, you can also copy this textbox and paste it into all your other pages.  Watch the video for a more detailed explanation for this shortcut.

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