[Web Easy] How to add Google site search to your website

How to add Google site search to your website

Web Easy has a built-in object that allows you to integrate Google's site search to your website.  This makes it very easy for your visitors to find things they are looking for if your website is very large.  You can watch the video below are get outlined steps at the bottom.


Outlined Steps:

1. Open your website in Web Easy
2. From the menu bar, go up to Insert -> Object
3. Press the Forms tab
4. Select Site Search
5. Press OK
6. Click your page where you would like to add it

Note: You can reposition the search box by selecting by dragging the "From" bar on the left.

7. Double-click the "Hidden Field" box
8. Enter the www address to your website (e.g. www.ieasysite.com)
9. Press OK
10. Double-click the search textbox
11. Enter the desired default text that will appear in this box, or remove it.
12. Press OK

Note: You can adjust the width of the search textbox.

To view it, just Save, Build, and Upload your website.  You can also preview it by pressing F8.  If you don't see any search results, you may need to submit your website to the search engines.  For information on how to do this, click the following link:

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