[Web Easy] How to create a transparent effect in Web Easy

How to create a transparent effect in Web Easy

This article will show you how to create a transparency for your website.  This used to create either a dark-glass effect or a frosted-glass effect for your site.  It can give your site a web 2.0 feel, and many sites use this.  This will also open a lot of design possibilities.  You can watch the video below or get an outlined steps at the bottom.

Outlined Steps:

Step 1: Create our image

1. Press Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Paint
2. Go to Image -> Attributes
3. Enter Width: 100, Height: 100
4. Press OK
5. Select the Fill icon on the left, and fill image with black paint

Note: For a dark-glass effect, use black paint.  For a frosted-glass effect, leave it white.

5. Go to File -> Save
6. Enter a filename
7. Make sure "Save as Type" is set to 24-bit Bitmap (.bmp)
8. Press Save

Step 2: Making the transparency in Web Easy

1. Open your website in Web Easy
2. Go to Insert -> Image
3. Select "I wish to use the Select File dialog"
4. Browse and select the black image you created earlier using Paint
5. Press Open
6. Click the page to add the image
7. Use the Up, Down, Left, Right object handles (dotted borders), stetch the image where it should go
8. Make sure the image is selected
9. Go to Modify -> Image Effects
10. On the left, scroll down and select Transparency
11. Checkmark "Preview on Page"
12. Adjust the slider towards Coarse to lighten the image, then press the far right image above "More" to apply the effect.

Note: You can continue to lighten or darken the image by adjusting the slider and pressing the image above "Less" or "More".

13. Press OK

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