[Web Easy] How to have a fixed background with scrolling text

How to have a fixed background with scrolling text

This article will show you how to create a floating text effect where your background is fixed but your content scrolls.  You can watch the video or get an outlines steps at the bottom.

Outlined Steps:

Step 1: Adding a background image
1. Go to Modify -> Background
2. Press the Browse icon
3. On the cue card, select "I wish to use the select file dialog"

Note: If you do not see the cue card, go up to Tools -> Options, and checkmark "show cue cards".

4. Browse and select your image
5. Press Open
6. Press OK

Step 2: Adding the script
1. Remove any selection
2. Go to Tools -> Custom Script Assistant
3. Make sure "Body Events" is selected
4. Paste in the following code in the Content window:

style="background-attachment: fixed;"

5. Press OK

Step 3: Resizing the document
1. Go to File -> Save
2. Go to Modify -> Page Size
3. On the left, increase the pixel height
4. Press OK
5. Adjust any graphics on the page to accommodate the extra space

So once you have all these steps completed, you can see your changes by previewing your website by going up to Build -> Preview website (or press F8), or upload your website to the internet.

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