[Web Easy] How to delete old packages in Web Easy

How to delete old packages in Web Easy

This article will guide you through deleting old packages that show up in the Publish Assistant window.  This will help you avoid uploading the wrong package to your website and make things easier for you to find.  You can watch the video below or get outlined steps at the bottom of the article.

Outlined Steps:

1. Close out of Web Easy
2. Open your "My Documents" or "Documents" folder
3. Double-click the "Web Easy" folder
4. Double-click the "HTML" folder

Note: Everything in the HTML folder is temporary files.  Your album file, by default, is saved in your \Documents\Web Easy\Documents\ folder.

3. Press CTRL+A (or Edit -> Select All)
4. Press Delete (or right-click, delete)

Note: If you have another website, you can delete those files as well.  The next time you go to Build -> Website (HTML) it will generate a new folder for that website.

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