The e-Store Dashboard

The e-Store Dashboard

Below you will find a description of the Dashboard functions:

Video Links: How to navigate your e-Store
                         Customizing the appearance
                         Adding products and categories
                         Configuring e-Store settings
                         What to do with your first order

Recent News: Keeps you informed of recent store updates and new features

Important messages regarding the store

Resources: Provides setup checklist and support related information

Alerts and To-do's: Provides a summary of order management actions that need to be completed

Recent Unpaid Orders: These are unpaid orders that have billing problems or require manual payment processing.  You will need to edit the order, determine the method of payment, and either try the payment again, or verify the funds have been transferred.  Once you can confirm the payment, you can edit the order and mark it "paid".

Note: If you are using standard PayPal, you will need to log into your PayPal account, verify the funds have gone through, then mark the order as being "paid".  If the funds have not gone through, you will need to contact the customer and have them pay for their order.

Orders to Ship: If the customer's credit card goes through, or if the order has been marked "paid", it will show up under "Order to Ship".  This lets you know to physically ship the product.  After it has been shipped, you can edit the order and mark it "shipped".

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