[Web Easy] Inserting HTML into Web Easy pages

If you plan to add custom HTML objects, such as a hit counter, email form, guestbook, etc., you will need to add a specific HTML code into WebEasy. You can do this by using the Custom Script Assistant, and below you will find a video and instructions on how to do this.

Overview of the Steps:

1. Open your website in WebEasy
2. Navigate to the desired page in WebEasy
3. From the menu bar, go to Insert -> Text -> Plain Text
4. On the cue card, select Click to Continue

Note: Your cursor should now turn to an ABC icon

5. Click your design window where you want to add a placeholder for the HTML code
6. Double-click the textbox to edit it
7. Delete the default text in the textbox
8. In the box, type in "HTML Placeholder"
9. Select the textbox so it has the gray-dotted border around it, as shown below

10. From the menu bar, go to Tools -> Custom Script Assistant (or press CTRL+J)
11. On the cue card, select Click to Continue12. Copy and paste the HTML code in the Custom Script Assistant, as shown below:

Note 1: To avoid mistakes, do not type in the Custom Script Assistant, simply copy and paste the code.

Note 2: Sometimes when you copy and paste the code in the Contents windows, it puts a carriage return after each line.  Feel free to manually remove the extra return from each line.

13. Press OK
14. From the menu bar, go to Build -> Preview15. Press OK (you will see a small red X in a box)

You should see the HTML object in the preview window.

Note: If you skip Step 9, the Custom Script Assistant will put the HTML object in the top left-hand corner of the screen.

Need Help?

If you need assistance, you will need to contact Avanquest, who are the makers of WebEasy.  You can contact them through their website at http://www.v-com.com/.

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