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Edit Product Properties

This page allows you to edit the product properties for the product types.  These values are for the store administrator to help configure the product, and are not product options.

Property Name:
Name of the property as seen by the store administrator.

Display Name:
Name of the property as seen by customers. You can reuse the property name for this field.

Display on Site:
Allows the customer to see the property in the store.

Display to Drop Shipper?:
Allows the drop shipper to see the property on the order (if you have a drop shipper setup).

Default Value:
This is the default value that automatically shows up on the page.
  Depending upon the property type you select, it may have different uses.  For Example:

Text Block:  Adds the default text to the page
:  Adds a default date to the page
:  Adds a default currency value (entered without currency formatting)
Multiple Choice
:  Adds a multiple choice field for the administrator.  For example, if you are selling CD’s, you can setup a multiple choice field for “CD Quality” and have values of “New”, “Like New”, “Good” and “Acceptable”.  That way when you are setting up the product, you can select the quality from the list.

Currency Symbol (Currency):
Based on available countries available to the store (found in Settings -> Countries), you can select the appropriate currency format.


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