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Shipping Origin

Please enter the contact information for your store. This information shows up when you go to Customer Service -> Contact Us.  Also, realtime shipping will use this information to determine shipping costs.
  You can watch the video below or view the terms at the bottom.

Site Name:

Enter a name for your store.  This shows up in the page title.


This adds a copyright notice to the bottom of your store.  Enter the current year followed by your website name (e.g. "2011, Joe's Store").


Enter the country of your store.

First Name:

Enter the First Name of the store administrator.

Last Name:

Enter the Last Name of the store administrator.

Company Name:

Enter the company name of your store.


Enter the mailing address of your store.


Enter the city or locality of your store.


Enter the state or region of your store.

Postal/Zip Code:

Enter the postal or zip code of your store (e.g. 98055).  For U.S. customers, Do NOT add the 4 digit routing numbers at the end of the zip code.


Enter the phone number of your store (e.g. 1-206-555-1234).


Enter the fax number of your store (e.g. 1-206-555-4321).

Web Site URL:

Enter the website address of your store (e.g.

Contact E-mail:

Enter the e-mail address of the store administrator.  This is use for customer service inquiries.

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