How to clone products

How to clone products

If you have similar products to add into your store, you can save time by cloning them, instead of having to add each one.  Before you use the clone tool, make sure you have all of the information filled out for the product, including, shipping weight, product description, and product images.  Otherwise, you will need to re-add it.  For information on how to use the Clone tool, you can watch the video below or get outlined steps at the bottom.

Outlined Steps:

1. Press the Catalog tab
2. Select Products on the left
3. Checkmark a product you wish to clone, or duplicate
4. Type in a new SKU number to the right under the "As ID" field
5. Press the "Clone" button

Note: Once you clone a product, you will need to edit the product name, as it will have a "(2)" at the end of it.

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