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Products are all the items you are selling in your store. This is the area where you add/remove products from your store and edit products.

Video Links: How to add, edit and delete products
                                How to clone products

Search By
Use this section to search the items in your store. If you wish to display all the items in your store, leave the field next to the Find button blank and press Find. If you would like to narrow down the items displayed, you can select different selections to search by.

Add New Product
In the upper right hand box, enter a Product ID and select a type, then press Add New Product. This will walk you through the steps to create a new product.

Select the checkbox next to the item you wish to edit, then press the Edit button. This will walk you through the process of editing your product.

Clone allows you to select a product you wish to copy. You must enter a different product ID in the as ID box. This will copy the product you selected and give it a new product ID. This is especially useful when you have similar products and you don't want to re-enter all the information ever time you create a product.

You can delete products by selecting the products you wish to delete, then press the Delete button.

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