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Edit Category

This is where you can edit existing categories and provide additional information and configuration.

Video Link: How to add a category image

This is the name of the category.

This is a description of the category. You can put in a description of the items to be sold in this category.

Show Products:
Show Products is where you configure how the products are displayed for the category. You can choose to have them displayed by price, vendor, type or a method you select.

Display as:
Display as allows you to select the layout of the items in the category.

Meta Tags:
You can add Meta Tags to the category to help with search engine optimization. This will allow you to add a title, keywords and description.

This section allows you to configure an image for your category.

Show Title: This toggles the category Name
Show Description: This toggles the Description field if have added anything.
Icon Image URL: This image replaces the text in the top menu.  Make sure you use a small image size.
Banner Image URL: This add an image to your category page above your products.

Menu Tab:
This section allows you to configure how the category will show up in the menu tab.

Menu Image: Allows you to select a menu image for your category.
Active Menu Image: Allows you to select an alternate menu image for your category.
Use Custom Link?: If enabled, you can make the category go to another website.
Custom Page URL: Enter the full URL of your custom link.
Open Link in New Window: If enabled, it makes your web browser open the link in a new window.

Advanced options allow you to disable the category and to not let the category be visible in the top menu.

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