Settings > Shipping Methods


This area will allow you to setup your shipping methods and also allow you to access the real-time provider’s settings.  You can watch the video below or view the terms at the bottom.

Shipping Method Name
The Shipping Method Name table shows all the active shipping methods on your store. Press the New button to add a new shipping method. Next to the Shipping Method Name you can select Edit to make changes to the shipping method. Select Delete to remove the shipping method from your store.

Charge Tax on Shipping?
If you wish to charge tax on the shipping charges, select this option.

Handling Fee Amount
Enter the handling fee for shipping here. Below, you can select if the handling fee is Per Order or Per Item.

If no valid shipping methods found, display this message:
This message will show up to the customer if there are no shipping methods available for them. A customer may see this if they want you to ship internationally, but the store has no international shipping options setup.

Real Time Rate Provider
Select the shipping vendor you want to use, then press the vendor’s  “Settings” button below to configure it.

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