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Form Builder

The form builder widget will allow you to add a contact form to your eStore or website. This can be used to collect information from your visitors.

There are 2 main parts to the form builder: The Design tab, where you can actually customize your form, and there is the Settings tab, where you can tell what happens after the form has been submitted.

Note: As you navigate the form builder, it is not necessary to press the Save button each time; you will only need to press it once at the very end.

Design Tab

The design tab allows you to create your email form.  This page is broken up into 3 columns:  Tool Box (Left), Form Designer (Middle), and Properties (Right).

Tool Box Column (Left): The Toolbox column contains Quicktools, which are predefined fields, such as Email, Address, Phone, etc..  It also contains Form Tool, which are the components of making your email form.  These components are heading, textbox, drop down, check box, etc.  You can drag and drop these Quick Tools and Form Tools into the Form Designer column in the middle.  This will allow you to create your form.

Form Designer Column (Middle): This Form Designer column shows you a working view of what your email form will look like.  By default it comes with some predefined fields.  If you would like to remove a field, you will need to press the orange trash can icon to the right.  To customize a field, single-click it to bring up the Properties column to the right.
Properties Column (Right): The Properties column allows you to further customize each of your fields.  You can set labels, make the field required (to force your visitors to enter some information), set a default values, specify the size (width) of the field, etc..

Settings Tab

Email Form Contents To: When a form has been submitted, this is the email address where it will be sent to.

Email Subject Line: When a new contact form email is received, this text shows up in the subject line of the email. Common
subject lines are "Customer contact form", "Website email form", "Customer feedback", etc..

Sending Email Field: This field sets the "Reply-to" address to either be "Name", "Email", "Subject", or "None". The default is "Email".

After Form Submission: This options allows you to decide what happens after the visitor submits the form. It can be se to "Custom Message" so you can create your own "thank you" message to the customer, or you can send the visitor to a custom website address.

Show User a Custom Thank you Message: If you select "Custom Message" under "After Form Submission", this field will allow you to create a message to the user thanking them for their email submission.

Custom URL: If "Custom URL" is selected under "After Form Submission", this field allows you to enter the website address where you want the visitor to be directed to.

Title: If a container is selected (besides No Container), this will allow a title to be placed at the top of the module. Common titles are "Contact Us", "Feedback", "Request a Quote", etc..

Container: Changes the appearance of the container where the widget is placed. The options are Article Container, Default Container, No Container, and VMenu Container.

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