[Web Easy] How to add iEasySite eCommerce buttons

Web Easy Professional has built in eCommerce buttons which you can use to link to your e-Store.  If you have an e-Store with iEasySite, then please follow the Adding iEasySite eCommerce Buttons instructions listed below.  If you have another e-Store, such as PayPal, please follow the Adding PayPal eCommerce Buttons instructions at the end of this help file.

Adding iEasySite eCommerce Buttons for Web Easy version 5-7

Note: Depending on what eCommerce button you select, the Object Script Properties box, listed in Step 12, may or may not show up.

1. Open your website in Web Easy
2. Navigate to the desired page
3. From the menu bar, go to Tools -> E-Commerce -> Select Vendor
4. Press Next
5. Select the iEasySite tab
6. Check mark I am a member of iEasySite, press Next

7. Press Finish
8. From the menu bar, go to Tools -> E-Commerce -> Insert Object
9. Select an iEasySite object, press OK

10. On the cue card, select Click to Continue
11. Place the object on the page
12. On the Object Script Properties window, type in a unique SKU and Product Name

Note: The SKU number will need to be exactly the same as you entered it in the e-Store.  If you haven't setup your e-Store yet, you will need to remember the SKU number for this product when you setup it up.  Because of this, it may be easier to setup you e-Store first, and then add the eCommerce buttons.

13. Press OK

For Web Easy 8

If you are using Web Easy 8, you will need to manually link your website to your eStore.  For example, you will need to browse your eStore (e.g. http://shop.yourdomain.com), find a product, and copy the URL from the address bra.  Then go into Web Easy, insert a text box, and then create a web link off of it to the address you just copied. 

Note: Instead of using a textbox, you can find a generic "buy now" button on the web and use it instead.

Need Help?

If you need assistance, you will need to contact Avanquest, who are the makers of Web Easy.  You can contact them through their website at http://www.v-com.com/.

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