Adding Google Analytics Code to Web Easy

Once you get your tracking code from Google Analytics (, follow the steps below to insert the code into the head of your Web Easy site.
  1. Go to "View" on the top menu, and make sure the "inspector" is visible
  2. In the inspector, there are 3 tabs properties, style and layers - and to the right of those tabs there is a button. Change that button to say "document"
  3. Once you have the document selected, go to the properties tab and select "page details" so the options below are expanded.
  4. Once it is expanded, you will see the last entry is "head elements" - double click the white box to the right of "head elements" and a new box will pop up called "Edit Text"
  5. Paste the code into there and press "ok"
  6. Save and now upload your web site and the code should start tracking your site statistics.

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