[Web Easy] How to back up your website in WebEasy

The following article will show you how to backup your website data in WebEasy.  This is useful if you want to transfer your data to a new computer or simply want to back it up for safekeeping.  Below you will find an overview of the steps mentioned in the video.

Overview of Steps:
1. Open your website in WebEasy
2. From the menu bar, go to File -> Save As -> Archive Backup (or Archive)
3. On the cue card, press Click to Continue (if prompted)
4. Using the Save In drop-down menu, press the down arrow, as shown below:

5. Select Desktop from the list
6. Press the New Folder icon, as shown below:

7. Type in "Website Backup"
8. Double-click the "Website Backup" folder
9. Press Save

Note: For WebEasy 6 and 7 users, you may need to manually archive any attached files, such as .mp3's, .pdf's, .doc's, etc. as it does not automatially back these up.  Web Easy 8 should backup everything up.

10. Copy the "Website Backup" folder to a thumb drive, or burn it to a CD using a CD burning program.

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