How to setup email accounts and check webmail

How to setup email accounts and check webmail

In order to use email with your domain, you will need to setup an email account in the mail control panel.  After this, you can check your mail any where on the web using webmail.  You can watch the video below or get an outlined steps at the bottom.

Outlined Steps

Setting up Email Accounts:

1. Login at
2. In the Dashboard, press the Open Mail Control Panel icon under Services

Note: If this does not automatically log you into the Mail Control Panel, please contact our support department.

3. To the left, select "Mailboxes"
4. Press the "Add New" button
5. Enter the following information:
    Login: (create a username)
    Password: (create a password)
    Display Name: (the name that will show up next to your email address)
    Redirect Mail To (optional): (Enter an email address you want to forward your email to)
6. Press Next
7. Press Finish

Checking Webmail:

1. Go to

Note: You will need to substitute with the name of your website

2. Login with your email address and password
3. Press the folder icon to the right to show your mailbox

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