[Web Studio] Site Not Listed in the Instant Publisher (Site Recovery)

If you reinstall your WebStudio software, sign up online, or are troubleshooting your upload, you may need to do a Site Recovery.  This is a simple process that will let Instant Publisher know you have an active hosting account.  To do a Site Recovery, please perform the following steps:

1. Open your website in WebStudio
2. Navigate to the iHostStudio Account Manager:

3. Press the Open button
4. Press Next
5. Select the hosting package you signed up for, press Next

Note: If you choose the wrong package, you will either upgrade or downgrade the plan level for your hosting account.  If you have questions, please contact our billing department.

6. Enter your website password (retype it), press Next
7. Select "I would like to transfer an existing domain", or "Use a domain I already own".
8. Press Next
9. Enter the name of your website as shown in the image below

You should get the following message:

Web site name 'http://domain.ihoststudio.com' is active.  Would you like to recreate this web site?  Click 'Yes' to re-open this web site or 'No' to create another web site.

Note: If you receive another message, please do NOT proceed.  Please verify you entered the correct password and website name.  If this is still a problem, please contact our support department.

10. Press Yes
11. Press Next
12. Select Using Current Payment, press Next
13. Press Finish
14. Select I Agree on the License Agreement
15. Press Finish
16. Press the OK button on the iHostStudio Account Management window
17. From the menu bar, go to Website -> Save Web Site to Internet
18. When your website finishes building, press the Upload button

Your website should now be listed in the drop-down box.  Proceed through the rest of the Instant Publisher to upload your website.

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