How to Install a Hit Counter

By adding a counter to your website, you can provide visual indication of how many times a particular page has been visited.  If you would like to add a counter to your website, please follow the steps listed below:

Choose a counter style

For a list of our counter styles, please visit the following link:

Counter Styles

Select the proper code

Depending on where the counter is going on your website, you will need to select the proper code.  If you are adding the counter to your home page, select For home page (first page).  If you are adding your counter to any other page of your website, select For any other page.

For home page (first page):

<img border=0 src="/_ihnextras/cgi/cgishell.exe?count1,http_referer=">

Note: For, you will need to enter the name and extension of your website.

For any other page

<img border=0 src="/_ihnextras/cgi/cgishell.exe?count1">

Editing the code

Once you have selected a counter style, and know what page you want it on, now is the time to edit the counter code.  By default the code is set for Counter 1, you will need to edit this number and select what ever counter you chose.

Suppose you would like add Counter 7 to the last page of your website.  In this case, you will want to select the code from For Any Other Page, since it is not your home page.  At the end of the code, you will want to change the 1 to a 7, as shown below:

<img border=0 src="/_ihnextras/cgi/cgishell.exe?count1">
<img border=0 src="/_ihnextras/cgi/cgishell.exe?count7">

How to install

For instructions on how to add the code into your web editor please select your editor below:

Web Easy (Avanquest Software)
Web Studio (Back to the Beach Software)

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