Uploading through a FTP client

Sometimes it may need to be necessary to upload using a FTP client.  For those who have their own FTP program, please enter the following FTP information into the software, otherwise, follow the example on how to upload your site using FTP Max, an FTP program which is included with the WebEasy software.

FTP Information

Host Server: domain.ihoststudio.com
Username: your administrator username
Password: your administrator password
Remote Directory: httpdocs

Note: For the Host Server, if your domain name is joespizza.com, the address will be joespizza.ihoststudio.com.

FTP Files

Before you upload, please make sure the home page of your website is called index.htm or index.html, otherwise your website will not show up.  Also, files that have a .html extension take precedence over .htm files.  For example, "index.html" takes precedence over "index.htm".

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