Uploading through Windows Explorer (FTP)

Uploading your website through FTP is really easy to do.  By simply copying and pasting your file from your computer, it allows you to upload your website data.  For instructions on how to do this, please perform the following steps:

FTP Files

Before you upload, please make sure the home page of your website is called index.htm or index.html, otherwise your website will not show up.  Also, files that have a .html extension take precedence over .htm files.  For example, "index.html" takes precedence over "index.htm".

Uploading through FTP

1. From your desktop or Start menu, open My Computer
2. Navigate to the folder that contains your website files

3. From the menu bar, select Edit -> Select All

This will highlight all of your files.

4. From the menu bar, select Edit -> Copy
5. On your computer, press Start -> Run

Note: Vista users just need to press their Start button and enter Step 6 in their "Start Search" bar, which is right above their Start button.

6. Type in "explorer.exe ftp://domain.com" (without the quotes)

Note: For domain.com, enter the name and extension of your website

7. Press OK or [Enter]
8. When prompted, enter your username and password, as shown below

9. Press Log On
10. Double-click the httpdocs folder

Note: If you don't see this folder, double-click the wwwroot folder

11. From the menu bar, select Edit -> Paste

This will upload your website files.  If prompted, select overwrite all files

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