Setup Your eStore Homepage

Setup Your eStore Homepage

By changing the layout of the home page of your e-Store, you can tailor the way your user will interact with your site.  For example, you can add a product rotator that will rotate a variety of predefined product.  You can also add a search box, mailing list signup box, and a number of other components.  To change the layout of your e-Store, please do the following:

1. Press the "Design" tab
2. Select "Edit Page"
3. Navigate to the page you wish to modify

Note: Checkout and additional pages can be modified using the drop-down menu in the upper-right corner.

4. Drag a widget on the left and drop it into an available grid on your website, as shown below.  The grid will highlight orange to let you know where it will be inserted.

About the Widgets:

Content Block Content
Adds text, images, and HTML to your page.   HTML Rotator HTML
Rotates multiple content blocks
Category List Category
Adds a list of all your categories   Product Rotator Product
Rotates between selected products
Category Rotator Category
Rotates between selected categories   Featured
Displays selected products in column view
Mailing List Mailing
Adds a mailing list window so people can signup   Search Search Adds a search box so people can type in a product name or SKU # 
Category Grid Category
Displays selected categories in column view        

Adding Widgets:

On this page, you can drag-and-drop a widget from the left into an available box to the right, as shown in the image below. You can also add multiple widgets to the same part of the page.

Drag and Drop Widgets

Editing a Widget:

Once you add a widget to the page, it will create a module (or box) for that widget, as shown below.
Widget Module

You can then edit the module by using the module tools.

Edit Module

Edit Allows you to edit a module

Delete Module

Delete Deletes the module from the page

Enable / Disable Module

Disable /
Disables or Enables the module on the page

Move Module

Move Allows you to move the module to a different part of the page

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