Setup Payment Methods

Setup Payment Methods

Setting up a payment method is a vital part in configuring your e-Store.  You can configure your e-Store to receive a wide selection of payment methods, such as a merchant credit card service, PayPal, payment by mail, etc.  To configure your payment methods, you can watch the video below or get outlined steps at the bottom.

Outlined Steps:

1. Log into your e-Store Control Panel
2. Press the Settings tab
3. Select Payments from the category bar to the left
4. Check mark the following payment options you with to include on your e-Store:

Allow Payment by Credit Card
Allow Payment by PayPal
Allow Payment by Purchase Order
Allow Payment by Telephone
Allow Payment by Fax
Allow Payment by Email
Allow Payment by Check by Mail

5. Once you have made your changes, select the Save Changes button.

Note: If you do not wish to receive a certain payment method, please do not check mark that selection.

Learn more about payment options:

Additional Information:

Pre-Authorize Cards at Checkout (Charge when Shipped): When a shopper places their order, the store will get an Authorization from the credit card company. If the funds are available, the order will proceed with processing. This scenario is typical of businesses complying with credit card rules not allowing credit cards to be charged until the order is ready for shipment.

Charge Full Amount to Cards at Checkout: If selected, the credit card will be charged the full amount at the time of checkout. If the credit card sale is approved, the sale will be marked completed.

Accepted Cards - From the list provided, select the type of credit cards you will accept with your store. If you do not know if you can accept a cart type, you will need to contact your credit card processor.

Description - The description gives the customer information about the payment method.

Instructions - This is a message that is displayed to your customers after checkout. If you require further action by your customers after they check out, this would be a good place to give them a message.

PayPal Username - Enter your PayPal username in this field. This is a required field to accept PayPal payments.

PayPal: Enable Immediate Payment Notification (IPN) - When enabled, PayPal automatically notifies the e-Store when a customer completes a payment. The order is then marked as "payment received." You can see if an order has been updated by looking at the notes on the Order Details screen.

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