Change Return Policy

Changing the Return Policy

The return policy lets the customer lets your customers know how and when they can return the items they purchased.  It is recommended that you setup your own return policy.  For information on how to do this, you can watch the video below, or get outlined steps at the bottom.

Outlined Steps

1. Log into your e-Store Control Panel
2. Select the Design tab
3. Press Edit Extra Content (underneath the Design tab)
4. Select Return Policy on the left
5. Enter your policy information, then press the Save Changes button

Note: If you wish to default to the original return policy, press the green arrow icon at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

The customer can view the return policy by going up Customer Service -> Return Request.

To disable the return form go to Settings -> Return, and uncheck "Enable Return Form".  In this screen, you can also change the email that gets sent to the store owner about the return.

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