e-Store Help Topics

Welcome to the e-Store Help Topics.  If you are setting up your e-Store for the first time, it is recommended that you go through the Getting Started guild in the order listed, otherwise, you can browse through the list of e-Store help topics, as shown below.

Also, at the top of the Control Panel inside the shopping cart, you will see a "Need Help?" link.  If you click on it, it will explain the options that are available on the current page.

Getting Started

1. Changing the Contact Information
2. Upload Your Logo
3. Select and customize an e-Store template
4. Setup Your Homepage
5. Adding Categories
6. Adding Products
    a. Uploading Product Images
7. Setup Shipping
8. Setup Payment Methods
9. Change your Terms & Conditions
10. Change your Privacy Policy
11. Change your Shipping Policy
12. Change your Return Policy
13. Adding Meta Tags


Advanced Setup Options:
Creating a custom page
Customizing the categories
Using drop shippers
Using the clone tool

e-Store Appearance:
Changing the default image on the front of your e-Store
Customizing a dynamic skin
Removing or editing the random quote
Removing the "powered by" logo

Resizing photos
Uploading images and files using FTP
Uploading product images
Why do my e-Store images look blurry?

Logging In:
Logging into a closed e-Store
Logging into the control panel of the e-Store
Retrieving a forgotten password
Why do I get a message saying I do not have permission to log into the control panel?
Why do I occasionally get logged out of my e-Store?

Changing the starting order number
Setting up inventory levels

How to link the e-Store to your website (optional)
How to setup your e-Store efficiently

Product Options:
Adding a product option list
Adding an electronic download
Removing the "new item" flag on products

Sales and Promotions:
Creating a discount
Creating a sale
Creating a wholesale option
How can I make sure my e-Store is successful?

How do I know my e-Store is secure?
How do I temporarily close my e-Store?
Why do I get an error about displaying non-secure items?

Taxes and Currency:
Changing the default currency
Creating a custom tax class

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